Even US is not on right track of press freedom: Ambassador Peter

US ambassador to Bangladesh Peter Haas said, his country is not on the right track of press freedom.

However he said, the spirit of US foreign policy is to uphold the human rights and the freedom of press is very significant in the foreign policy. There will be no compromise in these issues.

Peter Haas came up with the remarks while speaking to a discussion programme held at the National Press Club organised by Diplomatic Correspondent Association Bangladesh (DCAB) on Tuesday. The programme was organised to discuss the upcoming national election, Washington’s sanction on Rab and the new economic alliance.

Referring to a study of Reporters Without Borders the US envoy said, “It’s not true that the US is on the right track in press freedom. According to the study of RSF the US became 42nd among 182 nations. It means, the US is not even close to the top countries.”

Bangladesh slipped 10 notches down and stands at 162nd in the same index.

Haas also expressed deep concern over the Digital Security Act (DSA).

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