3-month travel, fishing ban in Sundarbans

The forest department has slapped a three-month ban on tourists in the Sundarbans between June and August as the months are the wild animals’ breeding season.

The authorities made the decision as per the recommendation made by the Integrated Resource Management Plan on Tuesday.

To make the decision effective, the forest authorities have cancelled all types of travel passes and permits inside the forest area, and in the meantime, the security inside the Sundarbans has also been tightened.

Divisional Forest Officer Muhammad Belayet Hossain of East Sundarbans Forest Division said as per the recommendation of IRMP, fishing and travelling have been banned for three months in the Sundarbans since 2019.

“We want to ensure a calm environment for some 375 species of wild animals that are not disturbed during their breeding season,” he added.

The Sundarbans are the largest wildlife habitat in the country. The 6,017 square km forest is home to the Royal Bengal Tiger, Chitra and Maya deer, Erabati dolphins, saltwater crocodiles, wild pigs and otters.

Surveys in the mangrove forest showed in 2004, 2007, 2011, and 2015 that the three months from June to August were the breeding season.


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